Need of MONEY for your business or know someone else, please read on...

The following is offered:

  • Loans can fund up to approx 10% of annual Gross revenues (Total Gross Sales) 
  • Client must have a BUSINESS Checking account
  • Funding programs for all credit profiles from super high qualified to very high risk below 500 credit  
  • Must be in business for at least 3 month to qualify
  • Able to fund up to 90% of any industries 
  • Most approvals within 24 hours of complete submission
  • Can fund in 1-3 business days
  • Most deals do NOT require a personal guarantee
  • Do NOT compete with the banks
  • Can fund from $5,000 to $5 million

Clients in this situation could receive assistance:

  • Have a line of credit with the bank, yet maxed out and need more cash; or 
  • Not able to get a bank loan due to many reasons, below 700 credit, be in business less than 2 years, not enough collateral, and other hundreds of reasons the banks will say no; or
  • The client has an immediate need, whether an emergency situation like payroll, or a tax lien, or repair or an opportunity that they can leverage and take advantage of with fast cash
  • The funding is contingent on performance & cash flow based, not credit & collateral based like the banks. No corporate red tape and super fast process. 

Serious inquires ONLY, complete a contact form or send an email to info@armiconsulting.com


 Do you know about MACRA?

Do you know about MIPS?

Is it mandated for all providers to partake in MACRA or MIPS?

Medicare Updates for Healthcare Providers

The above are EXCELLENT questions for medical providers with a large Medicare patient base. FREE resources are offered to assist qualified providers to understand what is MACRA and how to report data for MIPS to increase revenue, qualify for bonuses and prevent  financial penalties? The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has contracted with a consulting practice to assist medical providers in submitting qualified measure data using various ways that accommodates your facility. For more information, complete the contact form or send an email to info@armiconsulting.com


Increasing Revenue

Many businesses are faced with challenging time with maintain a positive cash flow to remain in operations. These days, it takes dedicated, persistence and knowledgeable team to be creative in enhancing revenue. Look no further, we have a solid solution for YOU. Regardless of the industry, our amazing, hands-on team could effective analysis current processes and identify revenue opportunities less than 10 to 30 days, contingent of the structure of the operations. For more information, complete the contact form or send an email to info@armiconsulting.com


Methods to Increase Steady Cash Flow--Specific to the Healthcare Market

By now, it is believed that many providers are encountering frustration with increasing revenue. Let's back track, more like frustrated with maintaining a steady flow of revenue to offset operational cost. Needless to say, we can thank ICD-10 and system implementation for birthing these unwanted challenges. One may question, how? Walk with me in thought...can we agree that antiquated approach to resolve claim issues are no longer effective? It is a given, ICD-10 presented some challenges, especially in the inpatient environment (ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS). Hence, such new code-sets definitely present pros and cons.

However, the cons are too costly right?! The birth of that unsolicited 'beast', resulted in an enterprise extracting creativity and strategic planning to tame that monster. I digress, now back to the point. It's no secret, CFO, Directors, Managers and Supervisors overseeing the finance/billing department have to implement a different approach. By now, some should had discovered this is not news. Well, what are those approaches to tame this unwanted beast?! The key factor is to tackle it with a similar approach to an ICD-10 Assessment, which relates to people (staff members/key stakeholders), processes (patient access, coding, clinicians, CDI, and billing departments) and technology. Yes, technology is a crucial aspect of revenue cycle management now, especially in the hospital environment with volume of claims generating million plus in revenue.

Unfortunately, a large number of decision-makers have not understood this concept. The fixation is focused on hiring upper-level management with only revenue cycle management experience/knowledge. Indeed, one has to step out of that matrix of illusion and become forward-thinking leaders. Otherwise, rest assure enterprises will encounter a down-slope in revenue. Oh, by-the-way, although physician, ambulatory and outpatient settings may not be inundated with the demands of this 'beast', such environments cannot escape from this reality. It applies as well, with a lesser impact and effort. Got to tighten up on understanding the importance of maintaining and increasing revenue; and throw the antiquated approach/mindset out the window. Otherwise enterprises will continue to venture into a purchase acquisition to survive.

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